14 Ways To Save Money

Whether you’re a student studying at uni, trying to save for your first home or just saving for that next big purchase, everyone could do with a few helpful tips to save themselves some money. We’ve listed a few changes to your spending habits that can be made to make you more of a successful saver.

Sometimes it can be making little changes that make all the difference when trying to make considerable progress regarding savings or retirement fund building and saving a bit of money here and there can add up considerably over time. Here are 14 areas you can focus on:

1. Utility Bills
Some bills you just can’t get around paying, especially utility bills. But never fear: There are ways to help lower your energy bill in summer, winter, and all year long. Switching is easy and should be done regularly to ensure you’re receiving the best deal available to you. Comparison sites are very helpful and your usage could result in you benefiting from a different style of tariff than you’re already on

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Why Is Life Insurance So Important In Your 20s?

In our 20s the last thing anyone wants to think about is getting ill or, god forbid, worse. Although we still feel like we live care-free lives and have no responsibilities, the reality is that we are now financially independent and this comes with certain responsibility not only to ourselves but to others. If you have any loans, a house, significant other or children, you should be looking at life insurance.

Today, we prioritize our technology and our pets, taking out policies to cover loss and damage to our phone and ensuring vets bills are covered for our furry friends. These are generally the first considerations when thinking about insurance, but why are we not considering ourselves? The main reason is that we don’t get educated to the importance of personal insurance, if you get ill and can’t work, you will most likely seek additional help from your parents or a home care service, which could be costly. Having insurance will absorb some of this financial burden and avoid eating into savings. The mind-set in the UK is also hindered by the NHS, because we have our healthcare provided the financial implications of becoming ill aren’t something we would consider an issue, our initial care is covered and we tend not to think about the ripple effect that could be caused due to illness. Potentially having to pay out of a new phone or an operation for man’s best friend is worrying and costly, thus insurance is an instant thought.

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