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Our primary concern is to ensure investments are managed in accordance with your attitude to risk and financial goals.

Care is taken to construct portfolios that accurately reflect your expectations, with regular reviews to monitor progress and keep things on track. Of equal concern to many is to arrange their affairs so that their legacy may be passed to future generations as effectively as possible.

Professional advice on such things as tax-efficient trust arrangements, along with an awareness and proactive approach to changing legislation, is essential if this is to be achieved. For these reasons, we established Sound Financial Management to guide and advise on these complex issues.

Our investment process

Before investing, it’s important that we make sure we understand your aspirations and concerns. Why are you investing? Is it for a specific purpose, for example, your children’s education or your retirement? Or both? Agreeing and timelining your goals is the first step towards helping you achieve them.

Once we understand your objectives, we employ investment profiling techniques to help us assess the level of risk you are most comfortable with and to establish whether your aspirations are realistic.

We use independent research sources to help identify the funds which meet our strict selection criteria. Many factors will be considered when screening funds including risk performance, reputation, security and costs – and, of course, wherever possible we will try to ensure your investments enjoy a favourable tax treatment.


Clients are free to decide on the level of ongoing support required. We would normally recommend at least an annual review meeting to report on the progress of investments and to ensure that we are aware of any changes in your circumstances, which may merit changes to your investment strategy.


Resource Centre

The Sound Financial Management Resource Centre has been designed to provide our clients with access to our personal finance magazines and financial guides which are packed full of informative and relevant financial news.

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